Build your own solar boat and participate in the Young Solar Challenge!

"This project taught me more than I could have imagined"

"It's an amazing experience!"

Will your team build the fastest solar boat?

Building a professional solar boat with your team and participating in an exiting race: it’s possible with the Young Solar Challenge! Secondary schools and unions can now participate in this unique event.

All participating teams receive a building- and lesson kit for a professional V5 solar boat. A few weeks later the teams will race in their own built solar boat. The Young Solar Challenge includes everything to make youngsters aged 14 to 17 more excited about technical science. Because of a combination of theory, practice and competition the youngsters learn a lot about Sustainable Technology, which is also a fun experience.

A team consists of secondary school students who are enthusiastic about this technical challenge. They will be guided by the organization with junior classes and an instructional film that helps building the body of the solar boat. Other guidance should be provided by either school or other adults. After building the boat it is time to test and show the capabilities of the solar boat on the water during different races.

Which solar boat is the fastest? And who will be able to call themselves the "Dutch Champion Young Solar Challenge" after multiple races?