Multiple races in 2016

In 2016 we organized 3 races for the teams. Teams showed how the selfbuild solarboats perform on water. There were multiple components like, sprint and endurance.

The opening race was on the 7th of may during Reuzedei in Akkrum. During the races everything came together and we showed the teams if they were ready for the actual race.

Every race started with a technical examination, a swimming test for the participants and a sailing test for the steering girl/guy. Participating is exiting, educational and fun. The teams stayed at a campsite and came in contact with other participating schools.

Beside Akkrum we also sailed a race in Oosterwolde and one in Grou / Leeuwarden.

The program of the 7th of may 2016: 
12:00    endurance
15:45    Sprint

De ranking of Akkrum:

007 RSG Simon Vestdijk
006 Leeuwarder Lyceum
014 OSG Sevenwolden
005 Stellingwerf College
015 Emelwerda College
008 Scholengemeenschap Lelystad
004 De Waerdenborch


On the 11th of june the teams raced against eachother for the second time in Oosterwolde. On the 10th june all teams were expected on the improvised camping at the Stellingwerf College. saturday the 11th of june it was time to race!

Program Oosterwolde 10th of june: 
10:00   endurance
15:00   sprint
17:00   award ceremony