Even more races in 2018!

This year the teams were able to compete in 4 official races and 1 race on invitation of the Solar Sport One. In total 30 Young Solar boats raced on the Dutch waters.

The first race started again in Akkrum under the organization of the NK Zonnebootrace during the Reuzedei. Even though it was just the first race, most of the teams were ready to race. The Maritieme Academie Harlingen prooved they were absolutely ready by taking the first win of the weekend in 2018. 

For the second race of the season we went to a great park called het Haarlemmermeersebos. The students of het Kai Munk College from Hoofddorp took the initiative to take the Young Solar Challenge to their city. The teams were both camping as racing in this beautiful park, since there was a lake in the middle. After sailing a Time Trial and a Matchrace, the teams could also sail a Topspeed. In which the teams could sail the fastest they could and the speed was recorded by a speedometer. The fastests boats sailed over 18 km/h! However, the Topspeed didn't count for the classification. The winner of this second race became eventually Het Leeuwarder Lyceum. 

The next race was organized in cooperation with the Solar Sport One, which means even more boats and more racing. Most of all, because teams of both competitions were camping together, the teams were also able to see each others boats and learn from each others work. This third race was held in Purmerend, and the teams had to sail a Time Trial and a slalom. Both Bogerman teams won one of the race elements, which also meant that Bogerman became the winner of this raceweekend in Purmerend. 

As mentioned before, the Young Solar teams were invited to take part in the Solar Sport One race in Groningen. The race did not count for the final classification of the Young Solar Challenge, however it was a great opportunity to both learn from the Solar Sport One teams, as also gaining more experience. Besides the Young Solar teams, a new team from Jordan were able to come and compete in this race! The weekend started with a parade through the canals in Groningen on Friday night. Saturday it was race day, and the teams were racing together with the Solar Sport One teams. 

One weekend later it was time for the final race of the season 2018! The last time for the teams to show what they and their boats were capable off. This race was again organized in cooperation with the Solar Sport One, thus again an opportunity for the teams to see what the Solar Sport One teams do with their technical skills, tactics and boats. The last race is of course exciting for all the teams, however two teams were really close in becoming the Winner of the National Championship of the Young Solar Challenge. Leeuwarder Lyceum and Maritieme Academie Harlingen did both a great job during the Time Trial and Sprint, which made it even harder to guess who of the teams would win. In the end Leeuwarder Lyceum beat Maritieme Academie Harlingen and therefore became the Winner of the National Championship of the Young Solar Challenge 2018!