MG – High End battery systems

MG Energy Systems focuses on developing advanced energy storage systems for various applications.

Our products are mainly used in the following markets:

  •      Navy (hybrid and full-electric propulsion)
  •      Industrial (peak shaving, UPS)
  •      Solar (self-consumption, off-grid systems)
  •      Automotive (electric vehicles, mobile power sources)

In addition to our standard products, we can also provide complete custom energy storage systems.


MG Electronics is a spin-off of the Frisian Solar Challenge. In 2007, the idea was created to participate in the 2nd edition of the Solar Challenge. By participating in the Solar Challenge, insight has been gained in the possibilities of battery technology. With the acquired knowledge, MG Electronics was founded in 2009 with the focus on developing advanced energy storage systems. In addition, other solar teams are supported and provided with various products.

Also, there are still parties in different Solar Challenge with its own team, the Clafis Solar Boat Team.