Where does the NHL stand for?

The NHL is known as sober, driven, open, social and ambitious

Every day, students, teachers, lecturers and knowledge centers are engaged in education, research and entrepreneurship. The main location of the NHL is located in Leeuwarden, but the NHL can also be found at Terschelling, in Groningen and in Zwolle. In addition, wou can also find us on social media.

Maritime Engineering

Interested in the Maritime Engineering Study?

The maritime world is your passion. You want to know everything about luxury yachts, container ships or offshore construction: the world of maritime technology. The words are innovative and enterprising belong to you. You could see yourself having an international career? Are you still stress-proof with a hands-on mentality? Then the Maritime Technology program is something for you.


Young Solar and NHL

Why is NHL a partner of the Young Solar Challenge?

The NHL stands for good education, cooperation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. The Young Solar Challenge seamlessly adds.

At the NHL, the so-called Junior Classes are organized, allowing participants to gain loads of knowledge of the techniques and cooperation used.