Polynautic makes dreams come true

Whoever thinks of composite, obviously thinks of yacht and shipbuilding.

Composites have been used for a long time and widely in ships and yachts. Polynautic builds, designs and repairs everything from composite.

In addition to designing and building custom made high-quality composite boats, we also built a wide range of composite parts from ships, from roofs to wheelbarrows and from banks to solar boats like the V20.

Young Solar and Polynautic

Why is Polynautic sponsor of the Young Solar Challenge?

The V5 prototype for the Young Solar Challenge was built at Polynautic. Polynautic is a forward-looking and innovative company. Cooperation and sponsorship are important for both us and the schools. Developing and building a solar boat gives young people more insight into sustainability and in addition, they learn to work with the latest techniques and composites.

Marten Douma