Victron Energy

Victron Energy has a strong unrivaled reputation in terms of technical innovation, reliability and quality. Our products are considered worldwide as the professional choice for independent electrical power supply.


Our products are mainly used in the following markets:

  •      Navy (hybrid and full-electric propulsion)
  •      Industrial (peak shaving, UPS)
  •      Off-grid / Solar
  •      Self-consumption
  •      Automotive (electric vehicles, mobile power sources)
  •      Telecom

Young Solar and Victron Energy

Why is Victron Engergy sponsor of the Young Solar Challenge?

The electrical system for Young Solar has been developed in collaboration with Victron Energy. On the basis of standard components, a system has been created that allows the boats to sail efficiently, but at the same time it is very challenging for the students.

This challenge for students is where Victron Energy is making a living. After all, the one who works best with his energy wins!

Success to all teams !!

Team Victron Energy