About Vripack

Vripack is a renowned design and construction agency of innovative ships worldwide

Since 1961, the Vripack team has been working on over 7,300 projects known for their high quality and no-nonsense-go-anywhere character. The passionate team of 80 designers, engineers and naval architects is involved in the entire design process and works on the boundary between design and technology. A holistic design approach is crucial, and that makes Vripack unique.


Vripack and the Young Solar

For Vripack, it is very inspiring to deepen ourselves with young people in innovative technical developments. That's why Vripack is involved in Young Solar as a partner, investing time to make the designs of different classes, for example.

My son is now 4 years old and I cant wait for him to be old enough to participate to the Young Solar Challenge!
Jeroen Droogsma - Projectleader Solar-unit class

More Solar

Vripack has participated several times in solar races.

They are also the initiator and developer of the world's first unit class for (international) solar races. The solar boats from Vripack's drawing board include the V20 solar racer and the V5 for the Young Solar Challenge, as featured on this site.