Dutch Solar Challenge

It started as a simple idea in 2005 and is already internationally known for a couple of years, the World Cup for Solar Powered Boats.

In Australia, they organize the World Solar Challenge on the road. In Friesland, too, but on the water! That was thought of by a number of gentlemen, including Wubbo Ockels of TU Delft. Soon the ideas were discussed and thought out, after which it was scaled up to a full ’elfstedentocht’.

In 2006 it was time: the first edition of the Frisian Nuon Solar Challenge. After 24 hours of sailing in 6 days, 4 out of the 24 boats who participated sailed over the finish line, the rest in the field finished later. After the first race the Solar challenge made big innovation-steps. At the second edition in 2008 39 boats started and 24 of which finished in 24 hours of time. In 2010 the name changed into DONG Energy Solar Challenge because of our new head sponsor.