The Young Solar Challenge

The Young Solar Challenge is a great project for youngsters between 14 and 17 years old. By letting the youngsters build their own solarboats the youngsters will learn in a fun and interactive way about technical science, innovation and sustainability. Moreover, other important aspects of building the solarboat and competing in the Young Solar Challenge are teamwork, communication, estimate and manage finances, sponsorship and tactics. The goal of the Young Solar Challenge is to make the youngsters become enthusiastic about technique and give them something for their future. Some of the youngsters this project is not only an incredible experience, but it also gives them their kickstart in the technical world. 

Not only the youngsters are enthusiastic about their experience in the Young Solar Challenge, also teachers are very enthusiastic about the project. Since the start of the project in 2014, the number of teams competing have only grown each year. This year, over 30 solarboats took part in the Young Solar Challenge and competed in 4 races across the Netherlands. 

Find more information about the Young Solar Challenge here.  


Young Solar Challenge in pictures

The Young Solar Challenge is a combination of technique, tactics and teamwork. Here’s an overview in pictures.